The Web Design Package

An impactful, contemporary website includes ...

    Design is important in making a good impression that will make your visitor want to stay on your site. Proper use of colors, navigation, layout and media will keep your customer interested. WbW works with your existing corporate colors, themes and marketing materials to extend your image on-line or enhance your current web site. Flashy sites are not always better. White space is also important. For example, look at Google's home page.
  • MEANINGFUL IIMAGES attract attention and encourage readership. Images are a powerful element that visually showcase your company and capabilities. They help to communicate your credibility and professionalism as well as your quality workmanship, where that applies. We will use pictures of your projects, staff members and events interspersed throughout the site. We can also create a virtual tour of your facility or project.
  • STRONG CONTENT to respect the customer's time and deliver the information they are seeking. Today's consumer is impatient and wants information concise and relevant. The content is what your customers are really after and it needs to be useful and well organized. The copy we create will also help you rank higher in search engines by focusing on header tags and applicable key words.
  • SOLID DESCRIPTIONS AND CODING to enhance search engine ranking. In addition to the content you can see, there is coding behind the scenes you can't see. Google makes it easy to communicate with them whenever there is a change to your site to keep your ranking high. Headings and keywords that correlate to the copy on each page also help your ranking. Including index video and optimizing that video due to Google's blended search results will increase your chances of a page 1 listing.

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Redesign your site

Are you looking to enhance the functionality and appearance of your web site?

If so, we can help. We'll find a design that meets your needs and customize the colors, artwork and copy to fit your company perfectly.

We'll work quickly and provide the opportunity to review and make changes at each step of the development process. Only when you're happy are we happy.

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jerryfarner"I had no experience with setting up a web site. Websites by Wendland did a fantastic job and did exactly what I wanted. The follow up service has been great too."

- Jerry Farner, F&I Solutions


Social Media


Google changes search rankings 

Google adds social network posts to search results. Google is incorporating social networking posts from its Google+ service into its search results illustrating how important social media has become.

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