Writing has always been a passion. I owe a debt of gratitude to Mrs. Burrows, my 11th grade English teacher. She allowed me to do an independent study on Ernest Hemingway where I examined his writing style and learned from a literary great.

I still write all my thank you notes by hand. I love getting mail. I prefer to read physical books where you can turn the pages. I prefer stories where the sentence structure and word choice resonate with me.

When blogs were introduced in 1994, it allowed writers an outlet to express themselves in a new way. It also allowed readers to have a dialogue with the writer which was something most writers didn’t get to experience.

It is generally recognized that blogs are important to a website because they

  • drive traffic
  • establish your brand as an expert
  • improve SEO
  • improve customer relationships

We can write the blogs for you. Some of our samples.

Marketing and Branding blogs for TalentZoo

Wrote over 2,000 blogs during two and a half years with the best one garnering 3,400 views in the first 24 hours.

Travel and Leisure blogs for Brain Brawn & Body

My top three blogs earned around 140,000 hits each. The topics varied from how much fruit to eat a day, which island to choose – Maui or Oahu, and experiencing the Detroit Auto Show.