The first website went online in 1991. Most companies launched their first website in the late ’90s or early 2000s. After the initial websites had been around for a few years, the decision became when to “redo” the company website. Now, if you aren’t making regular (daily/weekly) changes to your website, you are not keeping up.

People used to view their website as an online brochure. It described what they did without having to print 10,000 copies. You could update it easily when things changed.

In today’s environment, your website needs to be responsive (mobile-friendly) since over 50% of the searches are done on mobile. Your site also needs to be a real-time reflection of your business. The website is not an employee and doesn’t require health benefits, but it does require time and attention in order to stay true to your branding and marketing efforts.

In this way of thinking, regular updates need to be incorporated into the site. If you don’t have a person devoted to this task, we can fulfill that role for you.

Web-Related Services:

  • content and image updates
  • social media updates (facebook, twitter, linkedin and instagram)
  • blog development
  • video development

Business has changed a lot in the last 15 years. Getting and keeping customers who tend to be more demanding can be challenging. One area where you can excel is with educational content. More people research “how do I” than most other search terms. Establishing yourself as the expert in your industry builds your reputation and customer base.

Branding and Marketing Services:

  • learning pieces – written and video
  • photography
  • car wraps
  • office decor